About EGO

English Graduates at Oxford (EGO) represents the current graduate students at the University of Oxford. 

The EGO Committee helps facilitate academic and non-academic support for all English graduates at Oxford.

Organised activities include the mentoring program and peer networking events such as the weekly student lunches and end of term drinks.

Current and aspiring graduates can contact a relevant EGO Committee member about matters relating to academic affairs, library access, social events, welfare, the ORE journal, and communications to English graduates by email, social media or this website.

The English Faculty student body is committed to anti-racist practices and decolonisation at the Faculty. We invite all current and prospective graduate students to read our Statement on Anti-Racism, Decolonisation and Black Lives Matter.

Committee elections are held annually at the beginning of Michaelmas term (October).


Committee members 2020-21


  • Esther Kentish

Social Secretary

  • Sarah Gaspard

Academic Affairs Officer

  • Natasha Arora

Library rep

  • Charly Cowart and Erin Severson

Welfare, Equality and Diversity Officer

  • Eugenia Vorobeva

Communications Officer

  • Olivia Jordan

MSt Representatives

  • 650-1550: Maryann Pierse
  • 1550-1700: Lily Rowe
  • 1700-1830: Erin Severson
  • 1830-1914: Grace Oliver
  • 1900-present: Karen Stewart
  • American Studies: Ethan Green
  • World Literatures: Moneeka Thakur

DPhil Representatives

  • Elisa Cozzi
  • Helen Dallas
  • Natasha Bradley
  • Xiaofan Wu