Lecture List

The Lecture List is a live document and is updated throughout the term to reflect any late-stage amendments or corrections. We advise that you access the List via the link to Canvas above to be sure of seeing the most up-to-date version. If you unable to access this, please email english.office@ell.ox.ac.uk so we can try to resolve this for you. 


If you require resources to be provided in alternative formats, please contact the English Faculty Office on english.office@ell.ox.ac.uk or 01865 271055. Alternatively, sensusaccess.com is available for the conversion of educational resources.


NOTICE: Non-members of the University may not attend university lectures (unless they are detailed under our ‘Special Lectures’ section of the Lecture List, or announced as open to the general public), otherwise than by personal invitation of the lecturer concerned. Senior visiting scholars from other universities who wish to join lectures, seminars, or classes should normally approach the lecturer concerned directly, to gain permission to attend. Discretionary members should contact the English Office.