Student Ambassadors/Outreach

On this page you can find out more information about becoming a Student Ambassador for the English Faculty.

Ambassadors are welcome to choose to be involved with any or all of the below opportunities, and if you’re interested in applying, I would be grateful if you could specify the types of outreach events you might be interested in on your application form.


- Creating digital resources for blog and website

You might choose to contribute to our Spotlight on Students section of the English Faculty website. This might involve writing about your experience of the application process, what inspired you to study English at Oxford, any advice you would give to prospective students, etc.


- Open Days

The English Faculty runs three main Open Days throughout the academic year, in line with the centrally-organised University programme. Two of these take place in late June/ early July and one takes place in September. The English Faculty runs an additional State School Open Day, usually in February or March each year, which is invite-only and operates in a much more structured way, giving attendees the chance to visit a college for lunch and take part in an informal Q&A session.


- School visits in Oxford

These are school visits either organised directly via the Outreach Officer with the school in attendance, or are arranged as part of a college-organised visit. School visits are usually one-off events, and involve either an English workshop or admissions session. They usually take place in the English Faculty.

Being a Student Ambassador will give you valuable experience working with young people, and references can be provided at the end of the academic year if requested. For those of you who are existing ambassadors, I will continue to notify you of outreach opportunities unless you contact me to request otherwise.

Quotes from current English Faculty ambassadors:

“I had a lovely time talking to all the prospective students!”

“I really enjoyed writing [the blog post] and would love to write another soon…”

“It’s been really interesting!”

How to apply:

Please complete the application form below, and ask your tutor to sign it. Please could you either scan and email, or post your form back to:

Outreach Officer

English Faculty

St Cross Building

Manor Road


If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to email